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Different Umbrella Types You Need To Know

by Eva

Different Umbrella Types You Need To Know

Most individuals buy an umbrella (or several) without giving it much thought other than the color. There’s much to be said about a well-made umbrella that can withstand heavy rain and other harsh conditions and won’t need to get trashed after two or three storms, which is also good for the environment. Check out repelumbrella.com for top choices, whether you’re looking for a bit of backpack umbrella or a typical full-size umbrella with a wooden handle.

How We Put Umbrellas to The Test?

Each umbrella in this gets to guide through a battery of testing to see how it stacked up against these four criteria: portability, construction quality, coverage area, and value. Here’s how each criterion had a role in determining which umbrellas cut:

The ability to carry an umbrella depends on how and where you want to use it; therefore, this category isn’t limited to small models that can fit into a bag or backpack. Moreover, oversized golf umbrellas should be simple to collapse and carry, allowing them to be stowed in the trunk or neatly stored in a closet at home. While the form and size of the umbrella played a role, we also examined whether it came with an easy-to-use storage pouch or other features that made it easier to store and carry.

Build quality: An umbrella’s build quality has a direct bearing on its long-term durability and how well it functions in inclement weather. Even the most basic, inexpensive umbrellas will shield you from mild rain, but if the wind picks up, you’ll be struggling with a buckling canopy while getting soaked. Strong, long-lasting umbrellas should provide coverage even in strong winds and get made of high-quality materials that won’t disintegrate after a few usages. Thankfully, New York City has seen plenty of storms to put this category to the test.

Coverage area: A good umbrella, even a small travel one, should give enough coverage to keep you dry at the very least. Of course, larger umbrellas are ideal for this (while also allowing you to cover more people if need be). We also examined to see if the umbrella’s canopy design pushed water away from us while we were walking and if anything spilled down into the bottoms of our pants or shoes. Our is more difficult to achieve with travel umbrellas, but the ones in this guide all functioned well enough that we didn’t feel the need to change our socks after running errands or traveling to work in the rain.

Value: The worth of an umbrella is determined not only by its sticker price but also by how it works in the three categories described above. The actual value isn’t just about getting the cheapest choice that will get you through a few storms. Instead, we believe that spending more on a high-quality, long-lasting good is preferable to spending less frequently on a lower-quality product.

Umbrellas Come in A Variety of Styles

Classic Umbrella

The most modern umbrella is the classic umbrella, often known as a foldable umbrella. The contemporary umbrella comes in various dimensions, including wooden, steel, and polyester. These umbrellas are the most frequent and may get used on almost any occasion. They get made to be compact in some cases.

They frequently contain mechanisms in the shape of a push-button that you press to raise the umbrella.

Otherwise, the umbrella can be manually opened and closed; however, this usually requires two hands. The traditional umbrella is water-resistant, making it appropriate for England’s most typical weather: rain. These umbrellas are available in various styles and provide both a stylish fashion piece and practicality. Why not browse our exclusive range of classic handcrafted umbrellas to find the perfect umbrella for you?


Another typical umbrella is the travel-sized model, which is, as you might expect, the smallest of all umbrellas.

A travel umbrella should be compact enough to fit in a backpack or briefcase, and in certain circumstances, a coat pocket as well. Because they are one of the most popular models and are great when using one hand, umbrella manufacturers make a lot of travel-sized umbrellas.

These small umbrellas, also known as pocket umbrellas, are made of many of the same materials as traditional umbrellas.

They’re perfect for anyone who’s always on the go, and they’re also water-resistant. While they aren’t as durable against heavy winds, they are still adequate if you need a light and portable umbrella to keep you dry.

Umbrella for golf

Like the doorman’s umbrella, Golf umbrellas are substantially larger than ordinary, with a standard width of roughly 70 inches.

They may easily fit into a golfer’s bag and be used on the course if there is a sudden downpour. Branded and non-branded golf umbrellas are both available; however, branded variants have recently become available. We usually suggest going with an aftermarket canopy from a firm specializing in these types.

Not every golf umbrella company will produce a high-quality umbrella of this size and level. Branded golf umbrellas are typically lower quality, as they are made of lower-grade materials, making them less likely to last over time.

Umbrella with Style

As the name implies, the fashion umbrella gets mostly used for fashion purposes. Fashion umbrellas, which are about the size of a pocket umbrella, are designed to be lightweight and are commonly seen on celebrities attending catwalk shows.

They are frequently intended to seem like a folding umbrella and are eye-catching and elegant. There are many different stylish umbrellas available, but not all of them endure long. However, we have a terrific selection of designer umbrellas that are stylish and long-lasting!

Fashion designers are in charge of making these umbrellas as attractive as possible. They usually get built of the same materials as a traditional umbrella; however, they can be frail. In summary, if you want to stay fresh, skip the stylish alternative and opt for a regular umbrella instead.


Parasols are intended for use on the patio and provide sunbathers with suitable shade while they relax. They’re far too big to get carried around like umbrellas. 

These umbrellas (also known as beach umbrellas) are highly protective for blocking out the sun and are made of heavy-duty materials, making them excellent for rain as well.

If your garden or patio gets deemed a sun trap, you might consider purchasing a parasol. Even if it is tempting to spend the entire day in the sun, UV radiation can harm the skin, and patio umbrellas can assist.

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