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Cute Small Tabletop Christmas tree from Branches

by Decorator


Particularly impressive, natural, composition, from maleviksrosentradgard.blogspot for the decoration of your festive table or for any kind of Christmas table decoration example on a buffet table in the living room or even on your balcony.

You will need:

1. A small clay pot. (You can paint in any color you want)
2. Sponge floral cone. You will find a large flower shops or stores-eshops with related items.

If you choose to build … last time, a few days before your holiday table etc. You can use simple cone Styrofoam for construction, the foliage of conifers left green for several days even without water. Styrofoam cones, you will find all the shops with items for hobby-construction

3. Fresh twigs of thuja, fir, cypress or any conifer with dense foliage.
4. Ornaments: little star, balls

Using a piece of wire, nail the little star right in the center of the top of the cone and let it “hangs” to place it in its final position when the tree filled with greenery will be complete.

Starting from the bottom up, drive the
twigs in sponge giving the shape of fir (slightly larger in length branches at the bottom and smaller and smaller going up) and placing first 1-2 in the top of the tree, to have an indicative “guide”.

Now mount the little star at the top right position and hang the balls with the help of either the special hooks for Christmas balls or with little floral wire that will help you better secure the top to the greenery without hanging, to show as “leaning” on the tree.

If you like, you can add a number of battery lights.

It is extremely beautiful, the manufacturing process is simple and can be created in any size you want depending on where you want to place it.











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