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Cool multiform sofa by Marcin Wielgosz

by Decorator

Designed by Marcin Wielgosz this sofa is ideal for large and small lounges!
As you’ll notice from the pictures, the sofa is composed of multiple, small, independent pieces that when combined together they create a lovely and large corner sofa. The impressive feature of this creation is that because the sofa is “broken” into many small pieces  it automatically provides you with the freedom to create a piece of furniture that is comfortable for you. This may mean a chair or a couch, or even a simple stool.
Finally, the sofa  is accompanied with cleverly designed wooden tables which “snap” to the special recesses of the couch. As a result you can place each table just as you want, thus avoiding the risk of spilling something on the couch just because something would not suit you. Personally we like this particular sofa very much and it can accommodate many people and it  can also be customized to meet the daily needs of its users.
For more information on this couch and the designer visit www.merely.pl.

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