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Cool DIY ideas for white pallet bed frames

by Eva

Cool DIY ideas for white pallet bed frames

Ah, the elusive DIY pallet bed frame idea, it is minimalist and rustic with just a hint of farmhouse chic. A handmade pallet bed frame is just about as easy to make look bad as it is to make it look good. What’s a weekend warrior to do? Fortunately, when it comes to pallet design ideas, the difference between an epic fail and a DIY bedroom paradise is a little vision and guidance. That’s why we’ve pulled together 20 fabulous looks to help you achieve the perfect DIY pallet home decoration look in your bedroom.

Every way we look we are surrounded with pallets. We use them for packing, storing, shipping… This is one of the underestimated elements that can be used in multiple variations.

Instead of placing the pallets into garage or basement, save them and use a little creativity to make some interesting pieces of furniture or house elements.

Nowadays DIY method is very popular, and people like to feel useful and decide to make lots of stuff on their own.

So many every day’s materials have been thrown away in vain. Instead of just eliminate the pallets from your backyard, relieve them and bring them to life.

Nightstands, bed frames, tables, many interesting furniture pieces can be made of pallets. There are a couple of advantage of using pallets:

  • First, it’s cheap, you already got a basic material, and you will need just some more details
  • You are recycling, and doing a good turn for the planet
  • Pallets are very easy to find, just look for them in a nearest store or warehouse

Wooden pallets are not very attractive by themselves, without processing, by with the minimum effort and little creativity they can become a beautiful piece of furniture, made by your own hands, with a small budget.

























Images via: Pinterest

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