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Cool Diy driftwood ideas

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Cool Diy driftwood ideas

As you will have already noticed,  in this blog we like  to present diy craft ideas very much . Today we will present you craft made by driftwood, and you can see it if you want at Dimas.K Thalassoxyla.
They are constructions made from raw driftwood and as you will see from the pictures the work is truly outstanding. Let’s see what  K.Dimas said to us.

“Driftwood is usually collected at beaches where there is a river nearby which transfers it to the sea. It can be found in much farther beaches because of  the sea  currents  … the waves sculpt  and bark it. Winter is the right season since rains  help  rivers to rise  and they, in turn, carry  woods to the beaches …It  is great to find yourselves in some beaches collecting driftwood . Every wood you find will show you what it can be turned itself  ….after they are  disinfected they can become useful and decorative items .. they are very popular abroad and slowly there is interest in our country. As Iused to be  a florist  I make  floral columns from driftwood and they are very popular in  weddings and baptisms  … I supply  my colleagues in small quantities and I organise some seminars on driftwood constructions … “

So what do you think of the idea to start your own decorative constructions from raw driftwood? The only sure thing is that after the first construction you will be thrilled, without mentioning  the satisfaction you will get by making your own constructions. I would also like to say that  such constructions are sold  online at stores like Etsy where  you can buy and sell handmade constructions …

Cool Diy driftwood ideas1

Cool Diy driftwood ideas2

Cool Diy driftwood ideas3

Cool Diy driftwood ideas4

Cool Diy driftwood ideas5

Cool Diy driftwood ideas6

Cool Diy driftwood ideas7

Cool Diy driftwood ideas8

Cool Diy driftwood ideas9

Cool Diy driftwood ideas10
Cool Diy driftwood ideas11 Cool Diy driftwood ideas12

Cool Diy driftwood ideas13

Cool Diy driftwood ideas14

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