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Color and Space Useful Tips

by Decorator

Modify the size of your space with color

If the ceiling is too low

  • paint vertical stripes
  • Or use bright white that creates a sense of growth

If you wish to “grow” your space

  • Use soft colors and not make big differences.
  • draw an exterior  landscape on the wall, that will help the walls look wider

If you want to widen a narrow space

  •  Use lighter shades for the long edges of space and dark shades for narrow.

If you want to “shorten” your space 

  •  Use dark, warm colors and create great contrasts.
  • create on your wall a large window and paint it in color with strong contrast from the rest.

If you want your space to look more closely 

  • Use darker shades for the long edges of space and pale-bright shades for narrow








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