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Christmas decoration ideas with battery lights

by Eva

Christmas decoration ideas with battery lights

Christmas lights are certainly the protagonist of the festive decoration since they alone are enough to create a Christmas atmosphere wherever you place them, and the battery led, which in recent years you will find on the market in a very wide variety of types-designs, give you the opportunity to decorate not only places where there is probably no plug but mainly small and larger compositions without either the supply or the unsightly cables being a problem anymore.

Magnificent DIY ideas from glass jars and string lights for Christmas

Especially the type of led battery with copper cable (copper led) is really a valuable … Christmas decoration tool, precisely because of how discreet their cable-wire is and that even this can work decoratively.

You will find battery LED in almost all stores that have the classic lights and in various types-designs-length and brightness, so you can choose the most suitable ones depending on the way you will use them.
Their only drawback is that the battery power of course does not last … forever, so as it weakens, respectively, their intensity decreases. Use good quality batteries and remember to turn them off during the day.

Create really stylish and special table decorations for any spot only with a battery led that you will “knit” around fresh or dried twigs.
Not only the lights but also the copper wire will give an extremely impressive look to any kind of transparent glasses-jars that you will place, even on their own without any other decorative element.

Cable LEDs, which you will also find in a wide variety of designs in Christmas shops, are just as beautifully combined with any type of glassware.
“Fill” with a series of led batteries of any type of decorative lantern that can be placed indoors or on your balcony.


With led battery you can very easily add … light to any type of Christmas garland or even create a garland with led simply by adding elements of fabric, natural greenery etc.
Copper LEDs are particularly suitable with the natural color of the wood or with bronze metal objects. Just add them to this type of Christmas decoration-compositions to give them a really impressive look.

Make an adorable DIY Christmas decoration with logs and lights that can decorate every corner of the house

Wrapped around a branch of greenery placed in a transparent glass vase, a small series of LED batteries is enough to easily create a really special “ornament” for any part of the house.
The … magic way to add lighting to any type of Christmas wreath without worrying about wires, as well as to create wreaths only from … led.

Decorated with a battery led, an extremely impressive look will acquire a ceiling wreath or any type of corresponding Christmas composition.
The Christmas lights just hanging from the top of the windows are one of the simplest and most elegant holiday ideas and with a battery led you can implement it even in windows that do not have a plug near them.

If you want to make an alternative Christmas tree on the wall formed with … lights, you can do it with battery led even on walls without electricity.
Generally much easier, with a few lights, you will give in more parts of the house an intensely festive and beautiful look without at the same time “loading” the space with many Christmas decorations.












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