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Balconies that smelling summer

by Decorator

Balconies that smelling summer1

Even the smallest balcony is possible to change in a paradise. Plants, colorful flower pots, furniture and light. We are moving into a land of colors and smells divine.

Flowers mostly. Mock the smell, Sumac for discolored autumn leaves, roses, because they are elegant. Or bouquets of flowers, delphiniums and inserted into colored buckets, of milk cans, and enameled pots that will looks like a resort.

Not only flowers that count, it is also important their “pack”. The pots can pick at will: they are born in the Tuscan terracotta clay almost Greek, wooden box or a wine in plastic casings juicy blues, greens, amarantach. A good idea is to plant a small tree in a soup tureen. Flowers set on the floor, a chair turned into a table, hang on ladders and handrails.

Lying down. Room under a cloud can be very romantic or raise a bit cooler feelings. Enjoy your paradise…


Balconies that smelling summer2

Balconies that smelling summer3

Balconies that smelling summer4

Balconies that smelling summer5

Balconies that smelling summer6


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