Home Decoration ideas Amazing DIY decoration ideas with big glass Bottles

Amazing DIY decoration ideas with big glass Bottles

by Eva

Amazing DIY decoration ideas with big glass Bottles

Glass is generally one of the most elegant materials in interior decoration and large glass bottles can be used in many different and special ways to decorate the house.

Depending on their size, they can be placed on low or high furniture – surfaces but also directly on the floor, completely empty or as vases with few natural branches. Lighting them with led or turning them into very separate table lamps are also two more special ways to make decorative use of large glass bottles, adding to the place where you will place them a vintage or modern decorative touch, depending on the design, the shade. and the elements – objects that you will frame.

DIY Terrarium with glass bottles and jars

Especially the very large glass bottles do not belong unfortunately to the economical decorative items that you will find in the house items market, so the most practical and at the same time most economical way to get them is to look in old shops for old classic…demijohns. They are available in various sizes – shapes and you will only need to remove their wicker or plastic outer lining. Also in stores with bottles for packaging-storage of wine, oil, etc. you will find simple glass bottles – large size demijohns at much cheaper prices than those of the respective for purely decorative use, but there is no essential difference.






















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