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8 Things To Consider When Renovating A House

by Eva

8 Things To Consider When Renovating A House

When you’re renovating a house, there are many things to consider and quite a few hoops you might have to jump through. We understand it can be a stressful and overwhelming time for you. So, we’ve created the following guide listing some helpful advice when renovating. There are useful hints and tips on what to look out for before you buy a renovation project and advice for planning and completing a renovation. We hope it helps you on your exciting journey ahead.

Get A Surveyor Out

Before you choose a property to renovate, it is well worth investing in a detailed survey of the building and land. This can pick up on less obvious structural issues and problems you may miss, even if you’ve renovated before. Issues such as subsidence, dry rot, and damp can all add big costs to a renovation project and eat up your budget. It can also help you avoid costs that you hadn’t factored into your initial budget. 

Building Regulations

When you’re carrying out building work and perhaps extensions, there are building regulations you will need to follow to avoid breaking the law and potential fines. These will be unique depending on the property you’ve bought. For example, older buildings may be listed and have stricter regulations on what you can change about them. You should make sure you research the regulations you need to follow before carrying out any work. 

Installing A New Boiler

A potential large initial cost when renovating a house is installing a new boiler. Although it can eat into your budget, it is necessary to make heating more effective and safer for future occupants. It will also add significant value on to the house should you wish to sell it on. Boiler Central can offer next-day installation on a range of boiler brands and types for you to choose from. 

Finding A Trustworthy Builder

One of the most important things when renovating a house is finding a trustworthy, high-quality builder. You place a lot of trust and responsibility in the builders’ hands so it’s worth taking the time to find the right one. Particularly if you’re planning to flip a house and sell for a quick profit, you’ll want a builder that can keep to a timescale- but also maintain high standards. Conduct plenty of research online and by word of mouth to find someone reputable. Try and speak to people who have already used them and ask for their opinion. Reviews are everything when it comes to finding a good builder. 

Creating A Budget Plan

When you’ve had a surveyor out, and you have a good idea of all the costs that may be involved in the building, you can start to draw up a budget plan. Include any building costs, interior design costs, furnishings if you’re living there, and landscaping. You should also leave a safety net budget for unexpected costs. Alongside your budget plan, create a timescale you want to follow that works around your budget plan. You should have a set amount that you feel comfortable spending within a specific timeframe.

Focus On One Room At A Time

When you’re renovating a house, especially if you’re carrying out a lot of the work yourself, then it’s easier if you choose to complete one room at a time. Focusing on too many rooms in one go can make the project more overwhelming. Taking it one room at a time breaks the project into bitesize chunks and you’ll find it easier to work your way through this way. 

Do Your Research For Products And Furnishings

You may have an idea in mind for certain paint colours, lighting, or kitchen units, but if you’ve got expensive taste, it could lead to an unnecessary price tag. Research the product you like online as in most cases there is usually a cheaper option available for a similar design. Also consider upcycling furniture from charity shops or from people looking to get rid of their current furniture. If done well, it can make it look like you’ve bought expensive new furniture, but for half the price. If kitchen cabinets are in good condition, you could potentially just repaint them and purchase new handles. This will save you a huge amount of money, as new kitchens are one of the most expensive parts of renovating a house. 

Create Light

If the house seems gloomy and dark, it’s worth considering adding in additional windows, French doors, or roof lights. Adding extra natural light to a building is a great way to make a home look more inviting and more enjoyable to live in. You could also use lighter paint colours on the walls to help reflect light and create a brighter space. Experiment with this concept to find out what you could add and have fun with it.

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