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A Beginners Guide to Building Your own Smart House

by Eva

A Beginners Guide to Building Your own Smart House

Lower the lights … Play some rock music … Turn on the air conditioner to 68 degrees … It wasn’t that long ago that talking to your house was something you’d only see in science fiction movies.

Today, high-performance networks with faster internet speeds are being intergraded into everyday household objects. That’s great news for anyone interested in building their own smart home.

So, how do you build your own smart home? Take baby steps. It’s more complicated than it looks. Check out these tips to help you make some smart choices for your smart house.

Make a Plan

Just like with any new idea, you have to spend some time in the planning stage. In fact, when it comes time to build your own smart home, spend more time in the planning stage. You’ll have fewer headaches, and will save money, time, and energy.

There are many details to think about, including smart lighting, smart locks, temperature control, automated blinds, CCTV, vacuuming, and even automated lawn mowing. Prioritize what’s important to you and your family. Then make a sketch of your house that includes every room.

You may decide you want every room in the residence to be a part of your smart home system, or perhaps just the living spaces and bedrooms. The choice is entirely up to you but just be sure to design the system with a diagram of the house. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve and build a plan around it.


Read electronic product reviews and follow smart home technology blogs. You’ll learn a ton about what’s on the market and you’ll also hear about the experiences of others who have gone through the process of building their own smart home.

Hire a Professional or DIY

Here’s another important question. Would it be faster and easier to hire a professional or just DIY? There are many pros and cons to DIY smart home installation. If you’re honest about your time, resources, and budget you should have no problem making the best choice.

Are you handy? Do you follow directions well? Or do DIY projects challenge you? Professional smart home services might be the perfect solution for someone that works a lot. DIY may be a better choice for someone who is handy and enjoys the challenges of fixing things or putting pieces of a puzzle together. If you’re not handy then it makes more sense to call an expert.

Make a Budget

It’s easy to get carried away by electronic gadgets but remember, they can be costly, especially the cool new ones. Setting your budget is one of the most important steps you can take. Set a realistic dollar amount of how much you’re willing to spend for this project. Break it down by each room and then total the dollar amount. A room-by-room breakdown also helps you trim expenses should the need arise. Create two budgets — one budget for a DIY project and another budget/estimate from a smart home installation service. You can compare the two and make an informed decision.

Building your own smart house and controlling the systems can be extremely fun. It also conserves energy and cuts down on utility bills. It promotes safety and security for your family too. It’s a win-win for you — just make sure you do your homework and hire the right professional for the job.

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