Home DIY 52 DIY tables from old cable reels – exciting models and inspiration

52 DIY tables from old cable reels – exciting models and inspiration

by Eva

52 DIY tables from old cable reels – exciting models and inspiration

The tendency for DIY always makes our hearts hit harder, sometimes with pallet, sometimes wooden boxes, but also with the beauty of wooden cable spools. This type of table is used almost exclusively by those spools used for wind power cables, the only adjustments are the color and wheels used to give more mobility to the piece, besides, the cylinder is 100% ready to be utilized.

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And its use is also good for the environment, as you avoid unnecessary waste disposal, ideal for the pocket since all the tables that will be made with them are much cheaper than a conventional table and of course incredible for decoration since these pieces are extremely stylish and original.

Wooden spools can be found in your neighborhood’s electrical outlets, which you can tell them to keep one for you if they can, even on a pay-as-you-go basis, with a little research that I found prices from 10-80 euros. Or maybe you are lucky enough to find a wooden reel thrown in some buckets somewhere.

With a wooden reel, it is possible to build tables for coffee, tables, and tables of any size, depending on the size of the coil. If you can not find the reel of the desired size, it’s only using the top of the bobbin to make the top and put your feet with other material so you have more freedom to adjust the table’s height. To finish, use benches around the spool table. A good suggestion that suits this rustic and sustainable proposition of the cable reel.

Below we have incredibly many ideas that besides giving inspiration will also make you desperately looking for a wooden cable reel.




















































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