Home Decoration ideas 25 Fallen leaves inspiration for DIY autumn creations

25 Fallen leaves inspiration for DIY autumn creations

by Eva

25 Fallen leaves inspiration for DIY autumn creations

Autumn is the season when nature dresses up in the most intense and warm colors. The leaves of the trees fall, creating a carpet of red, orange and gold hues. This natural setting can be the perfect inspiration for creations with fallen leaves. Let’s see some ideas…!

Fall decorating ideas with natural materials and glass jars

Home decorations: Collect a variety of leaves, preferring those with bright colors and different sizes. Then spread them on a book to dry and stay flat. When they are ready, you can tape them to canvas or use them to create wreaths for your door.

Make notebooks: Use the sheets as covers for notebooks or as dividers in a folder.

Make Fall Ornaments: Leaves can be used to create frames, or even decorations for the home.

Fall Cards: Use the leaves to create beautiful cards by adding some gold glitter or other embellishments.

Photo album: Take a walk in the forest and photograph the beauty of autumn. Then use the leaves to decorate your album.

50 Fresh Fall Decoration Ideas with Pine Cones

Autumn offers us a wealth of natural materials to create. Fallen leaves are just one of them. With a little imagination and creativity, you can turn these natural gifts into wonderful structures that will bring the warmth and beauty of autumn into your home.























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