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What Does Your Home Say About You

by Eva

What Does Your Home Say About You

People put a lot of stock into their homes, a personal stock that is. It’s where you hang your hat, where, if you tell people to get out, they have to leave, and there’s no other place it, no matter humble it might appear. For those who actually value their home and don’t just see it as an investment, making your home yours is a pretty big deal. People who intend to spend their days in the same home add their personal touches and make it theirs because they don’t care too much about what the building or the land under the building is worth.

When you make a home your own, you want to make it reflect your preferences. This means your home can say a lot about you personally and possibly professionally. Knowing what says what about you is important if you want to create the right image and don’t want the ire of the local Homeowner’s Association.

Start with the lawn and garden

A lot of people’s first impression of a home is the exterior landscaping, though the home itself stands out, too. How you tend your garden and lawn, or even if you have them, can say a lot about you and your preferences. Those with a green thumb are more likely to create beautiful, terraced gardens with plenty of variety and a well-tended lawn. Or, at least, they have the money to pay someone else to do it for them.

Alternatively, a neglected or ignored lawn and garden are pretty good indicators that you don’t care about such efforts. Keeping the lawn orderly even if not spectacular, on the other hand, shows at least concern for local ordinances and maintaining a tidy look.

The outside of the building

Obviously, the outside style of the home can say something, too. This isn’t always the case, as sometimes the outside look of your home simply shows what you could afford in the area. The housing market is fickle, after all, and sometimes even a forever home isn’t quite how you want it to look.

Generally, though, you want a home’s exterior to reflect you. Fans of older styles and aesthetics are more likely to buy an older home, for example. Fans of modern looks are likely to buy sleek houses with a newer look. The same can be said for the material the house is made from, what the front porch looks like, how big it is, or even if there is a proper porch.

The inside also matters

While not many people will get to see the inside of your home, it obviously says a lot about you, whether you put in the effort to do so or not. It’s your home, after all, so it makes sense to put some work into it so it reflects your preferences. What sort of furniture you own, how it’s arranged, lighting, clutter, the arrangements of the bedroom or living room, and the setup in the kitchen can all say something about you.

For example, a home that features Amish-made entertainment furniture can say the owner is a fan of sturdy, modern furniture with an older look. More rustic furniture demonstrates a fondness for older styles, as does the use of antique furniture. A well-stocked kitchen demonstrates a lot of cooking and a lot of enjoyment from doing so, depending on the sort of accessories within the kitchen. Not many people may see the inside of your home, but it should reflect you and your family’s preferences so you enjoy your time there.

Out your backdoor

While technically part of the outside lawn and garden, fewer people see the backyard area than the front yard. The backyard can be as intricate or basic as you desire. If you want and can afford a pool, nice patio, and outdoor grilling set, that says a lot about you. It also means you might have some neighbors angling for an invite to some weekend barbecues. A yard full of garden plots shows a green thumb, as can extensive landscaping.

Though similar to the front yard, the backyard is more personal and intimate, so it makes sense for it to reflect personal preference more than the front. The front of the home may be geared more towards curb appeal and keeping the Homeowner’s Association off your back. The backyard is where you put up the swing set for the kids and enjoy your time after work and the weekends when you can.

Your home is just that, yours. It should reflect your preferences in gardening, exterior, and interior. What your home says about you should be reflected in what you have, can, have not, or cannot have done to your home. You live there, so you should do everything you can to get the most enjoyment possible.0

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