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Living room design in light colors – 30 inspirational ideas to copy

by Eva

Living room design in light colors – 30 inspirational ideas to copy

Probably, most often the modern design of the living room uses beige as a background and similar colors. This is understandable – they seem to be a very safe option, are often found in the range of stores, they are easy to combine and do not need to come up with complex schemes. And such bright rooms look cozy. At the same time, there is an opinion that beige interiors are faceless, but it’s not about color at all! If you like light shades, but you are afraid that the room will be boring, believe me, the spectacular design of the living room can be done in shades of beige. To do this, you need to know some secrets. Today we have collected great ideas from  rooms in light colors for your inspiration.

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How to make a living room in light shades interesting?

Natural materials of light tones

Natural beige shades created by nature will bring beautiful patterns to the living room. Light walls are harmoniously combined with light shades of wood, leather and stone, emphasizing their graininess, gradients and streaks, respectively.

Textures and multilayered

Choose different textures, do not stop at one. Soothing tones will allow the eye to relax and pay attention to detail. Balance different elements, such as fabric, stone, ceramics, etc. You can also afford multi-layered, because in this case, the combination of different items will not be difficult. It can be a variety of decor on the walls, many decorative pillows and blankets and more.


The infusion of dark accents to the beige living room not only adds dynamics, but also makes the space brighter due to the contrast. I often hear surprise from acquaintances to my suggestions to add something dark to a bright room. A few stripes on the pillow, table legs or, for example, a table lamp with black elements – these details will leave the design of the living room in light colors, but will make it much more interesting and modern. You can also add a little brighter items in small quantities – for example, hang a picture in more active colors.

Neutral colors

In continuation of the accents – do not leave the space of one color, add neutral colors: white, gray or black.

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Appropriate materials will help you add interesting reflections: glass, mirror, gold, etc. Such materials will leave a calm effect of the interior, and the room will be much more interesting.

Patterns and shapes

When working with beige and other calm shades, you can be bolder with the choice and combination of patterns and shapes. For example, a combination of geometric and animalistic patterns, an eccentric chair, an original vase and the like.


Living beige living room can be added with the help of houseplants. Plants of all colors are combined with light walls, as with a pure cloth. Mix soft greens, silver-green and dark shades of houseplants to create an amazing interior.





























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