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Late Fall vegetables to plant for a full table harvest

by Eva

Late Fall vegetables to plant for a full table harvest

Summer shouldn’t have all the fun in gardening – especially when it comes to your vegetable garden. Believe it or not, there are plenty of plants and vegetables you can plant in the late fall for a winter or spring harvest the following year.

Surprisingly, many winter vegetables are completely cold-hardy and will do well with winter weather. Although these plants may not be options in all growing zones (some crops are susceptible to a hard frost), many are good choices as long as you throw some covers over them to protect them from frost.

Timing a fall planting can be tricky, as you’ll want to consider the weather and climate patterns in your individual growing zone. For many people, the challenge in growing crops over the winter months isn’t necessarily the cold – it’s the lack of light.

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Deciding when to plant will depend on your weather as well as what crops you are growing. If you’re hoping for a spring harvest, you’ll need a relatively mild winter for most vegetables (although some, like garlic, are hardy even in the coldest growing zones). Generally, you can plant a fall garden as late as November for a spring harvest.

While most winter crops can be planted directly in the ground and will withstand winter weather, it’s important to have a few resources on hand. For example, you may want to mulch around the roots of plants to prevent them from freezing hard. This can also help with moisture retention.

Plants and Vegetables You Should Plant in the Late Fall



Broad Beans






Salad Greens


Winter Radishes


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