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Italian vintage style inspired from American

by Decorator

Furniture inspired by the aesthetics of American design of 50’s and 60’s. The famous Italian announcer Renzo Arbore in collaboration with designers and Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri turned his passion for vintage items of ages 50 and 60, in  the new line of Miamiswing furniture. The furniture are shiny with bold colors mentioning like “Tropical Deco” and neo-pop culture. The basic materials are plastic and shiny leather. The line with the bold curves, reminiscent the sounds of jazz music and it has been portrayed in a variety of scenes from Italian television. Basic colors of the line is red, purple, yellow and black. In any case final aim is the sheen of the material and the “fancy” form of objects.The design is scenographic, and certainly influenced by the personality of the radio star Arbore, and the background of the designer, who along with furniture design and dealing with the design sets

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