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Fresh dose with recycling DIY outdoor Halloween decoration ideas

by Eva

Fresh dose with recycling DIY outdoor Halloween decoration ideas

A haunted house with the Halloween spirit, you can recognize it from the outside. For this reason in particular, if you have decided to have fun this October 31st, do not neglect the decoration of the entrance and the surroundings of your house. This would set the tone for the decorative ensemble. However, organizing a spooky evening where every detail is carefully chosen to leave your guests speechless, would that take a lot of resources? Or is it really? In this article, we’ll show you plenty of DIY outdoor Halloween decor ideas that will save you money while creating the desired thrill effect.

36 Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas

With Halloween Day in the fall, many of us would settle for a few seasonal decorations, without necessarily incorporating any spooky elements. Finally, scared at all costs is not everyone’s goal. So a few beautifully decorated fall flowers and pumpkins might be enough to create a composition that is meant to be elegant and stylish. As for pumpkins, you have the choice between natural or artificial solutions with the possibility of also varying their size. And then, of course, decorate as you see fit or leave as is. For example, you can repaint your gourds with acrylic paint (spray paint to make it easier) and then mark some simple patterns (lines, dots, vertical lines, flowers) by hand or with a stencil (for more complicated drawings). Another very easy way to decorate is by using stickers, like the polka dot pumpkins you see below. Just paste them as randomly as possible. Simple, right? Finally, use your imagination to arrange the pumpkins around the entrance (but without disrupting the passage) and complete with pots of flowers in orange (or other seasonal colors). For a little rustic flair, store them in zinc buckets. An overturned basket filled with mini squash, a cozy doormat, and voila – you have a beautiful fall / Halloween style entryway decor.

DIY Halloween decoration for a spooky outdoor atmosphere

And the door, how to decorate it? The best solution is of course to make a Halloween wreath. In fall leaves and mini pumpkins, in branches and some themed decorations, in black ribbons – it’s up to you to choose the design that would go best with the ensemble.

If you want more optical fresh dose with recycling DIY outdoor Halloween decoration ideas just check the following images.






























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