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Diy palet planters in rustic style

by Decorator

Diy rustic palet planter6

Palet craft ideas are endless..you can make a search in net for see what i mean. In our today post will show you a nice idea for palet diy rustic planters. It is an easy and cheap project that everyone can easy make…

  • Find a palet that is overused and look like an old wood
  • Cut wood for fit the size the planter want to make.
  • Glue and for be stronger, nail them too.
  • Plant your plants and enjoy your craft

Via: lovestitched.com

Diy rustic palet planter4

Diy rustic palet planter1

Diy rustic palet planter2

Diy rustic palet planter3

Diy rustic palet planter

Diy rustic palet planter5


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