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Diy dreamcatcher ideas: Slave your nightmares

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Build your own dreamcatcher
Behind this traditional American Indian decorative  hide many stories depending on each tribe. But for westerners it has prevailed what Ojibwa tribe believe that a dreamcatcher can change a person’s dreams. So essentially filtering dreams only the good ones pass and evil remain in the net and disappear with the first light. The well passed through the wings hang him sleeping. A favorite ornament especially for kids that you can make yourself.

You will need:

  •     Some wings
  •     A little old grandma’s doilies round or star-shaped or thread to make the fabric.
  •     Ribbons, lace
  •     Thread for binding
  •     Branches that are resilient for the crown
  •     Other ornaments that you wish hang on it
  •     Glue

The construction:
Tie a wreath branches, put glue and begin to dress with the ribbon.After sew the doilies the edges of the wreath over or start to form tissue. Outside the sides and bottom sew ribbons, feathers and other hanging decorations you want. The dreamcatcher is ready to hang it over your bed.

Here are some handmade examples:

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dreamcatcher diy ideas

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Images via: Pinterest

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