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Bottles decorated with string: 34 super DIY ideas for inspiration

by Eva

Bottles decorated with string: 34 super DIY ideas for inspiration

A glass bottle can be just a glass bottle. But if you decorate it with string, then it becomes a beautiful and creative decorative piece to use at home or in party and event decorations.

Bottles decorated with string are easy to make, require few materials, and have zero crafting experience.

No wonder they are becoming more popular. In addition, bottles decorated with the string still have the advantage of being a sustainable piece, as you are giving new meaning to an object that would probably go to waste.

It is even worth mentioning that it is possible to use different types of glass bottles, from wine to beer, juice, olive oil, and tomato paste.

Not to mention the savings, since the cost to make bottles decorated with string is very low.

Another advantage of these bottles is the possibility of extra income. That’s right! You can make decorated bottles to sell, making a little money at the end of the month.

Are you enjoying this idea? So come see the tips that we separate below and learn how to make bottles decorated with string, in addition, of course, to be inspired by beautiful ideas.

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Bottles decorated with string: types and ideas

Bottle decorated with raw string

The raw string gives a very beautiful rustic and natural effect to the glass bottle. This combination is ideal to compose country decorations, with a modern boho touch, especially if it is combined with delicate and colorful flowers.

Bottle decorated with colorful string

A colored string is another decorated bottle option. Here, the idea is to work with the colors of your choice to create an original, modern, and creative piece.

A colored string can be purchased in the desired color or dyed at home.

Bottle decorated with string in three layers

How about now making a bottle decorated with three layers of string colors?

The idea is to create blocks of colors that combine to form a harmonious and balanced composition. This type of bottle looks very beautiful in modern and elegant decorations.

Bottle decorated with string and flowers

The bottle decorated with string can also become a vase, you know? For that, just add some flowers inside it.

The look is charming and rustically beautiful.

Wonderful DIY ideas to decorate with glass bottles and flowers

Bottle decorated with string and lace

For those who want to bring a romantic and delicate touch to the bottle decorated with string, you can choose to use lace.

The contrast between the delicacy of the lace and the rustic texture of the string is very beautiful.

To complete the romantic look, try adding pearls to the bottle decoration.

Bottle decorated with string and hand-painted

If you like painting and master the technique well, know that it is possible to make the decoration of the bottle with string even more beautiful.

To do this, you will first need to apply a coat of paint all over the string, as if it were a canvas. Then cross out the design of your choice and start painting.

Check the images below for many inspiration































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