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8 Benefits of Band Saw Every Woodworker Must Know

by Eva

8 Benefits of Band Saw Every Woodworker Must Know

Woodworking involves a lot of skills and various tools to cut the wood into different shapes and forms. Though standard table saws effectively cut the wood in straight lines, sometimes you need to cut the wood in curves and thinner pieces. That is when a bandsaw comes in handy. 

A bandsaw is a versatile machine used for cutting curves where higher accuracy is required. It is a tool that every professional woodworker and contractor possesses. 

Though there are numerous helpful bandsaw reviews on the internet, many users are not aware of the various uses of the bandsaw. Therefore, every woodworker and contractor must know these eight benefits of a bandsaw.

  • Higher accuracy and faster work

Band saw is way faster than a jigsaw when it comes to cutting. It also offers more visibility, so you achieve finer cuts with greater precision. It also provides better security against cuts and injuries. 

Scroll saw, or jigsaw blades often start to wander during cutting, so the curves aren’t always at a right angle. i.e., 90°. In contrast, a bandsaw allows you to cut through thicker wood while maintaining straighter cuts. 

  • Less sawdust due to smaller kerf

Unlike other saws like a table saw or chainsaw, the bandsaw’s blade is thinner and narrower. It means the thickness of the cut or kerf is way smaller. 

The smaller kerf means there is less sawdust and reduced waste material. On top of that, resawing is possible with bandsaws. You can resaw the bigger lumber to get multiple thinner boards. All in one, the bandsaw is popular for allowing resawing and reducing expenses by minimizing waste.

  • Higher safety

Bandsaws are known for the ease of use they offer. The blade of the bandsaws cuts downwards, which means it has a low impact on the wood while cutting. 

At the same time, the wood boards stay firm on the table when you are cutting them. It significantly reduces the chances of a kickback that usually takes place when you cut the wood. That is why a bandsaw is much safer to use than other saws, and the chances of injuries are also lower. 

If you are still concerned about your safety, online bandsaw reviews can tell you more about the additional safety features of bandsaws offered by different models and brands. 


  • Superior finish

As mentioned earlier, the bandsaw has thinner blades. Unlike other saws that leave rough edges after cutting, the bandsaw offers a superior finish. 

You can also improve the final finish with additional features like blade tracking, laser pointers, and duel-bearing blades. That the cuts are precise and the finish is smoother.

  • Versatile use

The versatility of the band saw makes it suitable for various applications apart from woodworking. By varying the thickness of the blade, you can use it for different projects, from meat cutting to fabric cutting. Thicker blades are suitable for heavy-duty work and dense material, while thinner blades offer more accuracy in cutting. 

  • Compact size

One of the major advantages of a bandsaw is its compact size. The bandsaw is comparatively smaller in size than stationary table saws that professional woodworkers use in their workshops. The compact size of the bandsaw makes it easier to store even in your garage or small workshop.

  • Portability

Bandsaws can weigh from 40 pounds to 250 pounds depending on the brand and size. Nevertheless, it still offers more portability than other heavy saws. You can move it from one place to another with less hassle. 

  • Additional features

Though all the bandsaws are perfect for woodworks, some additional features improve the machine’s safety, accuracy, and performance. 

Some models of band saws come with additional features like work lights, sturdy stands for firm positioning, a tracking window, storage units, a wider cutting table, etc. These features help you to fasten your work while achieving higher accuracy.

Whether you do woodworking as a hobby or take professional contracts, the bandsaw is a must have equipment in your workshop. 

You get to choose from a wide range of models in different power offerings and price segments. You can select the bandsaw model that fits your woodworking needs and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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