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12 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

by Eva

12 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

From rushed morning breakfasts, to leisurely Sunday lunches, the kitchen is one of those spaces that brings most families together. Are you planning to upgrade your outdated kitchen? Instead of splurging on a complete kitchen renovation, we’re sharing some cost-effective and energy saving design tricks. Let’s get started.

Pick a trendy colour

After Dakota Johnson’s Architectural Digest interview, incorporating the colour green into kitchens went viral. Many minimalist and contemporary homes have neutral or all-white kitchens, which can be boring if not styled well. Add interest to your kitchen interiors by painting the walls, cabinets or both, green. Pistachio and sage green are some popular options.

Before painting the walls and cabinets, we suggest getting a few paint swatches. Doing this will help you view a range of options in different lighting and pick the right one.

Replace hardware

Apart from repainting, replacing hardware is also an affordable way to give your kitchen cabinets a makeover. If you want something unique, we suggest going for different colours or styles of knobs.

Install hanging lights

Nothing screams chic more than hanging lights. Give your kitchen island a bistro-style makeover with hanging lighting fixtures. Since additional lighting fixtures will spike your energy bills, there’s no better time to switch providers for cheapest electricity in NSW.

Customizing kitchen counters

Are your kitchen counters looking old and tired? Installing new countertops can be extremely expensive and not feasible if you’re renting; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the kitchen of your dreams. Purchase a marble decal that you can easily stick and remove.

Hang up bulky pots & pans

Are large pots and pans taking up all of your storage space? We recommend installing an overhead ceiling rack to get bulky cookware out of your way.

Brighten up the floor

Your kitchen floor also deserves some TLC. You can spruce it up with a well-sized patterned rug; however, a rug is not the best idea if you’re a messy cook. Instead, it would help if you considered painting your kitchen floor a vibrant colour.

Vertical garden

Even if you have a tiny space, you can hang a vertical garden to bring in some greenery to your kitchen. Alternatively, make the most of a windowsill in your kitchen by placing potted herbs. Apart from adding a pop of colour, you will also have access to fresh herbs.

Get uniform pantry containers

Mismatched pantry containers make your kitchen look messy. Get rid of your eclectic collection and invest in matching stackable containers.

Use a label maker

To further organize your kitchen, get a label maker and label all of the containers. In addition to a Pinterest-perfect pantry, labelling containers will also make cooking easier.

Display pretty crockery

Beautiful plates, bowls, cups, and other crockery can double up as decoration for your kitchen. Use a combination of pretty crockery and ornamental pieces to style your shelves.

Create a coffee station

Having a dedicated coffee station in your kitchen looks fancy, but it costs nearly nothing. Clean up a corner in your kitchen to set up your coffee machine or tea kettle. Get a few sleek organizational boxes to store coffee pods or tea bags. You can also keep sweeteners and other coffee add-ins.

Consider open shelving

If you live in an old apartment, you probably have a tiny kitchen with barely any space to move around – and a small kitchen may feel even more stuffy with closed storage space. You can make your kitchen spacious by installing open shelving.

We understand that replacing cabinets with open shelving may not be feasible for everyone. Luckily you can easily achieve the same look by removing the cabinet doors. And when it’s time to move, you can put them back up.


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