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Zinnia – the most colorfur flowers for your garden

Zinnia – the most colorfur flowers for your garden

Add the whole world colors on your balcony or your garden with colorful zinnia staying bloom from May and throughout the summer until the first cold autumn bright.
A plant suitable for planting in pots, ornamentals but also in flower beds or low fences, since Zinnies can really create an impressive colorful … carpet anywhere you plant.

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Depending on the variety the height of the plant can be up to one meter, but the most common species do not exceed 30-40 cm.

In many varieties the striking Zinnia flowers in all shades of red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, white, resemble small dahlia.

Multiplication is done with seeds you can gather from the center of the flowers when they dry out and plant them early spring. Even if you let the seeds fall to the ground where you planted Zinnies next spring new plants will appear.

The plant is not demanding at all since it is regularly provided with the water it needs. In particularly hot summer times Zinnia needs watering daily, in normal conditions every two days. During watering make sure that the foliage does not get wet, as the moisture on its leaves favors the emergence of weed-diseases.

To give you its rich blooming Zinnia needs sunshine, plant in places with bright sunshine for at least 5-6 hours a day.

To enhance its flowering, cut the dried flowers and leaves regularly at the bottom of the plant. Zinnia flowers are preserved for many weeks while they are very beautiful and in vases that also last for several days.

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