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Wall painting techniques by Tambour

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Wall paint for unique Antique appearance and spectacular authentic texture in a range of vivid colors.
Wall Paint for Unique Antique Appearance and Spectacular Authentic
Apply Antique paint using the special brush in short strokes to different directions.
Apply on sections of 1-2 sq.m each. After 3-8 minutes (according to room temperature) press lightly on the
paint, using the special spatula. Proceed to apply over the entire wall, paying attention to full coverage of
the joints between the application sections, to avoid rough joints.

Video Tambour Antique




A glittery silver/holographic look achieved by dry spraying silver/hologram glitter on wet paint.Special Features:

Special Features:

Silver/hologram glitter coating. May be combined with Glass Flakes or Glass Beads at a recommended ratio
of one 60 ml package of glitter for every 5 kg Glass Flakes/Beads.


May be sprayed dry directly on any paint so long as the paint is still wet. May be applied as additive to Glass
Flakes or Beads – see appropriate technical manuals. May be mixed in clear lacquer and applied via

Video Tambour Glitters

Glow in the Dark
Water-based acrylic paint for interior walls, wood and metal that glows in the dark in a green-blue shade.

Paint use:
Water-based acrylic paint for interior walls, ceilings, wood or metal to be used over acrylic painted walls.
General Guidelines:
Apply two coats of acrylic paints on a chosen surface. Wait for complete drying (3 hours). It is recommended
to apply Glow in the Dark on light colors. The lightest the background color, the stronger the effect will be.
It is recommended to paint with a pattern. Tape the pattern to the surface you wish to adorn. Dip the tip of
the provided brush in a little paint. Fill the pattern with a thick coat by tapping with the brush tip. After filling
the pattern, remove carefully and clean immediately.
After application:
After the paint has dried, expose it to a light source (daylight, neon, halogen, ordinary lamp) for at least 8
hours. The stronger the light source, the shorter the charging time will be and in result the duration of the
glow will last longer. The thicker the coat of paint is applied the higher its glow capacity will be.
In the future if you would like to paint over the Glow in the Dark paint, lightly sand the paint off the wall, clean
and then apply two coats of acrylic paint.

Video Tambour Glow in the Dark


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