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The ultimate guide for DIY rock painting and craft ideas

Not only any size of pebbles but also larger stones of any kind can be converted into a … canvas painting and really get a stunning look.

The most impressive type of painting on stones is that when the surface of the stone is covered entirety with color, and depending on the shape of this aspect acquires a house, animal, flower etc.

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The most suitable type of paint for such constructions is the simple acrylic watercolors for constructions that you will find in all Hobby-DIY stores etc. Although in creations that are not going to be exposed outdoors you can use any type of color you want or has left from any work.

A protective varnish, after finishing the construction, will completely waterproof the surface of the stone and provide shine to both the design and the stone’s points that are probably not covered in color.

Large, painted stones can be used in summer as a stop for air at the doors, like a press for paper in your office, are extremely impressive in the garden or balcony in the summer, while for purely decorative use you create a “collection” of similar designs and different shades and place it wherever you think it will be better.

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Even if you do not have special skills in painting, it is not difficult to imprint on the surface of the stone the basic outline of the design, copying it or stamping it from anywhere. You will do so once you have painted the entire surface of the stone in the background color and then with a fine brush, you will fill the individual points and details of the pattern with the hue that you want each point to have.


Images via: Pinterest