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The amazing Wood Mixtape Coffee Table

by Decorator

Days when mixtapes were the most popular way to listen our fovorite music and groups are in the past, but in memory a sweet nostalgic smile comes when remind them. That is what i thought too when i saw this amazing mixtape  coffee table.
This coffee table is a scaled replica of a cassette tape. It is made of reclaimed maple, walnut and lucite. Dimensions are 47.25″ x 30″ x 5″ with a 3/8″ plexi top. This is a first prototype and one of a kind table. Future versions will be  machined out of high grade plywood with a variety of ply combinations and a glass top. This table has been an obsession of designer Jeff Skierka for 5 years! It is amazing to finally have it come to fruition. The table is completely reversible (sides A and B).

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