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Practical corner shelf for small homes by Martina Carpelan

by Decorator

Designed by Martina Carpelan rack is ideal for those who live in a small house and  the space is very limited. The shelf is entirely made ​​of wood and as you can notice from the photos, you can place it only at corners, either inwards or outwards is. Personally we like it  very much because it can take advantage of 100% in the interior space even when they are very small. Of course, the shelf is not only necessary for small homes, but can be installed easily in a large house. Also, because it is wooden and in particular light wood it can be installed without a problem in either a modern or a classic home without spoils the internal decoration. Finally, best of all is that you can place it in any room  you wish either for the kitchen or living room or a bedroom. For more information about  designer Martina Carpelan visit martinacarpelan.com.

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