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Interesting Leftover Furniture Collection

by Decorator

For the DuPont ™ Corian ®, the architect and decorator Rabih Hage from London created the Leftover Collection, a range of furniture specially designed for Corian ®. This is a collection made ​​of materials leftover from the manufacture of furniture and were characterized as useless . Without being subjected to some treatment they were joined together. The variety of materials, shapes and colors create a very impressive result.



The focus of Rabih’s four designs is on the use of leftover material and its reuse, treating the off-cuts and discarded planks used in the building of furniture as a “noble material”, reused in new luxurious furniture pieces.

“I have always been fascinated by unused material or discarded cuts of stone, wood or metal whether chea or expensive. Reusing these materials as a luxury product and treating the off-cuts as something precious is my real motivation. Especially, DuPont™ Corian®, which I regard as a luxurious material. I like the imperfection in patinated antique pieces, and the patina of time is something impossible to imitate, therefore, authentic. To get closer to this authenticity I regard the random layering of off-cuts as a noble design gesture and authentic in the building of my new designs for “Corian® Colour Evolution”. Imperfection is beauty; a discarded material is as noble and precious as a newly polished stone,” explains Rabih Hage. More information in  www2.dupont.com.

Images: Leo Torri for DuPont™ Corian®

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