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IKEA Catalog 2014: available online in English

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IKEA Catalog 2014

Annual IKEA 2014 catalog is one of the most anticipated products of the summer! So a few days ago we received an email from the Swedish company with a preview of the list of some products such as furniture armchair Strandmon, stool Bekvam, the storage bench and table Stuva Tranetorp, we felt that the time of registration of IKEA Catalog 2014 approaching.
 IKEA catalog was and will always be a source of inspiration and creativity for all house lovers, whether are owners or renters, and decorators. Except to bring to market another set of beautiful and affordable furniture with Scandinavian names, the list of 2014 IKEA spanning 326 pages and weighs almost half a pound, released this year under specific topics. “All Moments Count” is the theme of the list, highlighting the idea that the right furniture and spatial organization can help families spend more time together. Just imagine sofas and storage space for toys, to understand what message he wants to pass the company.
If you want to dive into the pages of the IKEA 2014 catalog

and get ideas for your personal or business space, you just have to click here to go to the interactive pages of the English list.
It is clear that the strategy of the Swedish furniture manufacturer for the new annual list is around the family. All videos have gone so far on YouTube emphasize moments that can live a family that has equipped the house with IKEA furniture.

In addition, according Janice Simonsen, creator of IKEA, we learned that the most popular feature of the IKEA 2014 catalog online will be the ability of the user to take a picture a room (living room, bedroom, living room or anything!) And place IKEA furniture  to see how they will look at it.  Every year the Swedish company is searching for new ways to present solutions organization of the house.

Finally, Simonsen informs us that the colors will be used more in 2014 IKEA catalog is turquoise, gray and white.

You can also download ikea 2014 catalog as pdf here

IKEA Catalog 2014_1

IKEA Catalog 2014_3

IKEA Catalog 2014_4

IKEA Catalog 2014_8

IKEA Catalog 2014_10

IKEA Catalog 2014_2

IKEA Catalog 2014_7

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