Home Design for pets Great Kitty Meow bed furniture by Studio Mango

Great Kitty Meow bed furniture by Studio Mango

by Decorator

Many people have pets in their house and the want the best for them. There are great design pet furnitures nowdays that can add also in our home decoration and modern design. Kitty Meow is one example, it is a  cat bed design Paul Hendrikx of Studio Mango. It’s made of PE plastics and can be used inside or out. Cats can crawl inside but can also sleep on top of the head. It is available in a lot  of colors and  it is distributed worldwide. FO more information and details visit  Studio Mango.

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Kirsty September 18, 2012 - 12:55 pm

Hi please could you let me know how much a kitty meow head bed is please?

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