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Cool, modern and intriguing Blocco Swivel coffee table

by Decorator

This tapering, square lounge table is made up of three parts. You can swivel the top two parts in any direction at will to bring the table leaf closer by. Under it you’ll find storage compartments for small things like magazines and your remote control. You can choose a colour for each part and the top leaf is also available in (Metallic) Brush. The table has been weighted down to avoid tipping. Not to be used as a seat. Maximum load 20 kg. Details: The upper leaf rotates at a point near one of the corners. This enables the table to be extended into a rectanglar or other configuration. The middle leaf is a lid for the lower tray. The lower tray is a storage area for pens, magazines, etc. If the rotating leaf is no longer leveled after having borne an uneven load, the client can adjust the leaf at 3 places. For more information you can visit leolux blocco swivel

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