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Cool hanging bookshelf by Agusta

by Decorator

book hanging rack by Agustav3

If you’re a book lover, if all members of the family like reading or even if you are a student, you will love this bookshelf. A unique hanger for books bringing order to your desk, in the living room, bedroom, or in any other room of your house. Company Agustav, replacing regular bookshelf in a unique style one. Made of wood or concrete hanger books will surely impress through simplicity of design and originality to use. A key element of  design is that apart from book storing, offers and bookmark for your books. And if all the above seem unnecessary, and you prefer your original bookmarks, then you have to love these bookhangers for their design. At the same time, the company released a corresponding hanger for your clothes too… For more information and other clever design products visit agustav.com

book hanging rack by Agustav1

book hanging rack by Agustav2

book hanging rack by Agustav

book hanging rack by Agustav4

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