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Cocoon 1: Your personal comfort and relaxation space

by Decorator

We all sometimes have the need to retreat and be by ourselves for a while. Regardless of whether we prefer to do so relaxing on the sofa, in bed or in a favourite armchair – we want to feel safe and secure in our homes. Coincidentally, the best ideas also occur in these places, where we can be free and creative.

Cocoon 1 is a very special place of retreat. The innovative product magically connects aesthetics and function. Its insularity provides protection and seclusion. At the same time, its translucency enables us to let our thoughts wander whilst simultaneously allowing us to join in with life “outside” if we wish.

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Cocooning in the great outdoors

Thanks to a kitchen module (Kitchen 90) and water connection (Water 90), Cocoon 1 can also be used outside without any problems. An energy station provides light and energy for cooking. And the storage modules (Storage 90 and 180) can also be supplied with electricity.

If you want to go bathing with Cocoon 1, then we recommend the substructure with integrated lead weight (Foundation Pb), which maintains the unit’s horizontal position on the water.

Multiple options for use

Cocoon 1 can be used in a room, outside or even in water. It can be used however you want: to relax, sleep, work, cook or as a storage space. We let our testers decide what to do as Cocoon 1 is a continuous project. Whilst you retire to the peacefulness of Cocoon 1, we are finding out what else you need to have to be happy inside it.

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