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Clip Tree practical wall hanger by Matthew Plumstead

by Decorator

Clip Tree is a configurable valet for use in the home, office, or hotel room. Taking functional inspiration from early hall trees and coat stands, Clip Tree combines both forms resulting in a product that is designed to hold onto all of the things we carry with us during the day. From cell phones to spring scarves, messenger bags to a child’s raincoat, Clip Tree provides a way to elegantly frame our possessions.

 Wall clips are mounted to the wall using wall anchors and screws. The milled wooden posts are then affixed to the wall clips, and the other clips easily attached to the posts in the remaining notches. This design allows for endless reconfigurations. Clip Tree adapts to changes in one’s life and environment.

Materials: Rubberized plastic Clips and maple or walnut.
For more information for this particular wall hanger and the designer visit www.mccartyquinn.com.

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