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Amazing Brushes and Rollers collection by CuldeSac

by Decorator
After traveling throughout culture, history, art and the senses, paint comes home to become incarnate into its tools. Brushes and rollers tell the legend of their natural evolution recreating a fantastic family tree telling the story of the Valentine brand.
Genetic mutations give birth to imaginative instruments: the brush compass, pendulum or whip give a clue to the behavior of paint through sketches and through history.
CuldeSac brings to life again the universe of Valentine, a world rich in nuances where paint is not a mere tool but matter itself adding character to every surface.
The experiences that CuldeSac applies to the world of Valentine follow a thread that takes paint to a higher level and tells the never told before stories of the brand universe. An Art Gallery, an archeological site, the dinner you would like to go to, or an exclusive jewelry shop have displayed Valentine’s colors from a different perspective: the symbolism of  color and its omnipresence in our lives. For more information visit CuldeSac.

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