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60+ Amazing DIY ideas on how to use wallpaper leftovers creatively

60+ Amazing DIY ideas on how to use wallpaper leftovers creatively

Instead of disposing of the leftovers after wallpapering at home, you can use the wallpaper leftovers quite creatively. Because especially if your wallpapers have beautiful patterns and quality, this is definitely worth it. Fortunately, wallpapers are nowadays available in countless variations and from different materials. Not for nothing are these among the most popular solutions for a successful, modern wall decoration. But they still have a lot of decoration and craft potential. What they can do with leftover wallpaper strips and stripes and how easy it is, we show you in the following lines.

10 alternative uses of wallpaper

Upgrade furniture with wallpaper remnants

One of the most decorative ways to use your wallpaper remnants in a creative way is to decorate furniture. For example, the back wall of bookshelves can be wallpapered quickly and easily with it. All you have to do is measure the exact length and width of the piece of wallpaper you need, cut it out and stick it on.

Wallpaper remnants are also ideal for draping from the bed headboard. Either you can stick the wallpaper directly on it or create an optical headboard by using different wallpaper remnants and designing them as a collage. Colors and shapes are entirely up to you and depend on the furnishing style.

Spice up stairs with pretty patterns

And what about the stairs? This is again every day up and down and can be boring in the long run. Give your risers a fresh note by painting them with wallpaper scraps. You can either use the same wallpaper or mix very different patterns and let your creativity run wild. Depending on the style and taste, you can create a romantic or oriental flair in the stairwell or rather create a simple ambiance between the floors. A vase of fresh flowers and/or a couple of stylish wall mirrors will definitely fit.

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