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3 Free programs for iPhone

by Decorator

When Apple says that there is a application for everything it really mean it. In addition to telephone and computer it is a digital tool too, sometimes good sometimes not so. But when it comes to applications related to interiors spaces I think it has many good. Through a variety of programs we have chosen few for free.

Dream Home by Apalon

Enjoy the latest design trends with high-resolution images and be inspired by the easement raising decorators. See more HERE

Color Capture from Benjamin Moore & Co

You see colors in the images and you do not know what the color corresponding to the companies which produce them. Benjamin Moore & Co has the solution with this program. See more HERE

Buildings by Despark Ltd

A very useful program for travelers who want to see the important buildings in the place where they are and learn everything about them. Using GPS technology has a complete map of the buildings, but also material such as images, videos and information about buildings. See more HERE

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