These are the Trends that will be seen this year in the most stylish verandas


Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas1

Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas

Summer is here and it is time to give you all the “hot” trends you will see this year on the most modern and tidy terraces.

Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas2Bring the inside out. One of the biggest trends of the year is to move some of the furniture and decorations you have in the house, outside. Coffee tables, pillows, mats and seasonal blankets can be comfortably transported outside and decorated at your own with no extra cost.

Pillows with patterns. Another trend that comes to complete the first is the decorative pillows in bright colors. Do not be afraid to risk. Take the most colorful and funny pillows you can find and create the most special terrace.

The colors of the coast. Ivory, the greenish blue of the sky (reflected in the sea) and the shrimp pink are some of the colors you will see everywhere this summer. These are colors that relax and create a beach mood.

Vintage Furniture. Retro comes back and this is something we like a lot. People go back to anything natural, wood, and techniques that create different textures. Those that were popular in the 1970s – mattress and bamboo furniture – make a very dynamic comeback.Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas3

Cheerful wooven (knitted) furniture. You may have used them so far in brown shades but this time it’s time to see them in other colors as well. For example, in the figure below you see a classic woven chair in deep blue electric color.

More flowers and plants than usual. Although not meant terrace or garden without flowers this year it’s time to overdo. Put even more green on your porch and even more color.

Terraced Mosaic Tables. This type of table is sure to steal the impressions. They are a great trend this year and they will transform your veranda.

Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas4

Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas5

Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas6

Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas7

Trends 2017 for the most stylish verandas8


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