Knitting with Hands: Make awesome throws and blankets in 45 minutes


Whether you know how to knit or not, you can now make a fantastic throw, a cauldron or a blanket in just 45 minutes. Arm knitting is rightly one of the greatest trends of the season and especially in the throws because they are amazing.

How can we give warmth to our home?

For such a throw or blanket you will need: 12 bunches of very coarse wool or a thinner one that you can knit with double yarn to make it as inflatable.

As for size, start with 18 loops and knit after as long as you need it or as long as knitting wool reaches you. If you have never done it again, see the video below, a detailed record of creating a really impressive racket or blanket in 45 minutes.

Knitting with Hands1 Knitting with Hands2 Knitting with Hands3 Knitting with Hands4

Knitting with Hands5

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