Deco proposals with succulents for interior and exterior


deco with succulents2

We all know how easy it is to maintain succulent plants. They have a unique capacity to store water, so it is not necessary to water them very often. That makes them perfect for growing indoors or for an outdoor garden if you live in a place of warm weather. It really does not matter if there is scarcity of rainfall in your area or not, succulents grow the same in deserts as in coastal locations. They are very popular for cultivating in containers because it is easy to create very beautiful compositions with crass plants. In addition you can add a lot of things in these containers like pieces of wood and stones to make a very nice and interesting succulent garden.

deco with succulents1

deco with succulents3

deco with succulents4

deco with succulents5

deco with succulents6

deco with succulents7

deco with succulents8

deco with succulents9

deco with succulents10

deco with succulents11

deco with succulents12

deco with succulents13

deco with succulents14

deco with succulents15

deco with succulents16

deco with succulents17

deco with succulents18

deco with succulents19

deco with succulents20

deco with succulents21

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