Browse the new Ikea catalog for 2016


Ikea catalog for 2016

News for everyday life from the new IKEA catalog 2016

The new catalog has arrived since the end of July 2015th Now already is high time to look at this. Maybe a gift certificate would be a fitting gift for the turn of the year! There you will find a lot of inspiration for choosing your home furniture. In addition, there are many intelligent, everyday solutions for everyone.

The kitchen is the center of interest
Highlights of the new catalog is the modern kitchen. In IKEA catalog 2016 it is illustrated how the food and food preparation to bring people together. This line is very präsentund they feel it on every single page number.

Growing interest in food
The food itself occupies an important place in the catalog. Stylish and healthy food is becoming increasingly important for us. We try to always provide us with matching products. To make it more present and more importantly, we integrate them even in our interior.

In addition to the catalog IKEA also has a Home Report precisely on this subject. It describes how people perceive the food and what role this plays in their daily lives. This is for the furniture company also important, because the food and its preparation play an important role in interior decoration.


It‘s really hard to pick out the most important highlights of this major IKEA catalog. But we have picked out a few little things, which in our view for the new trends are striking.

In the catalog you will find many great wooden tables. They show a strong link to tradition. Furthermore, there are a number of new kitchen boxes, which are used in every kitchen.

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