A village with tiny houses


Meet Zoe, Atticus, Lincoln, Savannah and Scarlett.

No, it’s not humans, cats or dogs, but for a series of tiny houses built by a company, placing them in an area about 45 minutes outside of Portland, creating the smallest village.

According to Annie Colletti, the communications manager of Equity Lifestyle Properties, the company that created the “village”, the reason why the names of the small houses were to bind the houses to those who live in them.

The real “Small house in the prairie” is hidden in the center of Athens


This company operates around 200 campsites and RV resorts across the country and the 5 tiny houses were their last idea and was a huge success as several couples have stayed there for their holidays.

The houses are fully equipped, while in the garden there is a common table and picnic grill for those who stay there to have the chance to get to know each other.

View photos of everyone:


A village with tiny houses2

A village with tiny houses3


A village with tiny houses4

A village with tiny houses5


A village with tiny houses6


A village with tiny houses7 A village with tiny houses8


A village with tiny houses9 A village with tiny houses10

A village with tiny houses1

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