15 great ideas of how to use ordinary rocks to add beauty in your garden


garden deco with rocks

It is worth connecting a little imagination – and even the most common stones can transform the garden plot. What is important, such a garden decoration will require a minimum of material costs. In a fresh selection – actual ideas how to use the stones in the country.

It is worth digging into the lawn, located in front of the house, spiraling flat stones – and an unusual decor for the garden is ready. Such a garden ornament will last for many years.

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A small gravel of different colors is a practical material for the garden path. It does not collect water, which means that in the cold season it will not be wet or slippery.

Gabions – metal nets filled with stones. Such designs open a huge space for experiments with garden decor. Despite the massiveness, the gabions look unusual and stylish.

Alpine hill is a classic element in landscape design. A simple alpine slide can be really done by yourself. So the stones in the cottage will turn into her picturesque decor.

Lawn, fully sown with grass, can look boring and corny. But the composition of a multicolored gravel will transform it in a matter of hours.

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Stones and mortar are all that you need to create an original flowerbed. Such a flower garden will harmoniously fit into the design of any country site.

Flat pebbles, dug into the sand in an upright position, become components of an unusual mosaic. Such a decorative composition at the gate becomes an analogue of the rug at the entrance door.

Check in following images great ideas of how to use ordinary rocks to add beauty in your garden.

garden deco with rocks1

garden deco with rocks2

garden deco with rocks3

garden deco with rocks4

garden deco with rocks5

garden deco with rocks6

garden deco with rocks7

garden deco with rocks8

garden deco with rocks9

garden deco with rocks10

garden deco with rocks11

garden deco with rocks12

garden deco with rocks13

garden deco with rocks14

garden deco with rocks15

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